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How we live in our 40s and 50s can have a dramatic effect on our health for the rest of our lives

Smoking, eating high-sugar, fatty foods, drinking too much alcohol and being inactive all add up to problems in later life. Modern life is ganging up on us, with treats in easy reach, bigger portions and technology that entertains and lets us shop and stay in touch without leaving the sofa.

The good news is that we can do things now to improve our health and our chances of staying happier and healthier for longer. Even small changes can reduce our risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease dementia and disability.

Why not start now? You’ll find advice and ideas on One You Camden that’ll help you take steps to the healthier life you want.

Find out more about public health in Camden

Camden Council aims to help people to have a healthier life. We work to reduce inequality in health across the borough.

Open Data Camden lets you learn more about Camden and its population. You’ll find information about housing, education, employment, the economy and crime in Camden as well as health, wellbeing and social care needs.

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If would like to make a suggestion, compliment or complaint about a Camden Council service, contact the service. If the service doesn’t sort the matter out, you can then comment or complain to Camden Council.

You can email our public health team at ciphadmin@islington.gov.uk.