Move more

Fitting some physical activity into your day is easier than you think.

Being physically active is important for keeping a healthy body and mind at every stage of life. Being active reduces the risk of developing many diseases, including  diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.  It also improves mental health, sleep, concentration and mood.

It is recommended that we should carry out at least 30 minutes’ moderate activity, 5-days-a-week and two 30-minute strengthening sessions.

Find out more about the benefits of being active.

Camden offers lots of opportunities to get active – from exploring the borough through walking, to dancing with friends, or taking part in a range of different activities.


  • Help to get active
    • Help to get active

      The Exercise on Referral and Adult Weight Management service across Camden and Islington has not been able to operate since 1 April 2021, and is no longer available. This is because our service delivery partner is no longer able to continue running the exercise classes and nutrition sessions. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.

      An information pack on for getting active or losing weight and Ways to Move More booklet has been produced to support Camden residents to find alternative support to get active or lose weight.

  • Getting active with health conditions
    • Getting active with health conditions

      Living with a health condition can make life unpredictable at times, and can make moving more challenging at times. However, being physically active can improve your health and wellbeing and help manage symptoms of your condition. There’s lots of different ways to get active; some can even be done from the comfort of your own home!

      The ‘We are undefeatable’ campaign encourages those with health conditions to find ways to be active that work for them. The site includes tips and a range of videos.

      You can chat to their ‘My Daily Undefeatable‘ bot who will ask you some questions to help get you started and find a way of getting active that works for you.

      Their facebook page provides lots of inspiration and materials from health charities such as Asthma UK and Versus Arthritis.

      They have a YouTube channel with exercise playlists suitable for all abilities- including chair based, strengthening, balance and relaxing exercise.

      iPrescribe Exercise is a free, evidence-based iOS app which analyses your health and produces a personalised 12 week physical activity plan that gradually helps you to increase your activity levels. The app sets the exercise intensity and duration based on the information you provide. This can play an important role in the management of several long term health conditions which we can selectively target with the app. It can also help those who are sedentary or at risk from developing chronic diseases to become more active, and reduce their disease risk.

      Other resources

      Getting Moving after Stroke webpage

      British Heart Foundations webpage on keeping active including their new step challenge!

      British Lung Foundation webpage on keeping active, including their Stay Active, Stay Well programme tailored to people living with respiratory conditions

      Versus Arthritis have a wealth of resources including exercises to help back pain, knee pain, osteoarthritis and more!

  • How much have you walked today
    • How much have you walked today

      Walking has it all; every walk you take is a step towards good health. Being active is really good for your body, mind and health – and there are lots of easy ways you, your friends and family can get moving.

      How much is enough?

      The NHS recommends that people exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, but if you don’t walk very much at all, it might be good to break this down into ten minute brisk bursts, and build up to half an hour. Walking has the most benefits when carried out at a brisk pace. Brisk walking means taking up a pace where your breathing rate and heartbeat increase, but you can still carry on a conversation. The NHS recommends at least 10,000 steps a day. If you don’t have a mobile app or pedometer you can roughly count your steps using this as a guide:

      • walking a mile: 2,100 average steps
      • ten minutes brisk walking: 1,200 average steps

      You’ll find plenty of opportunities in Camden to get you moving more.

  • Benefits of walking
    • Benefits of walking

      There are many benefits of walking, it:

      • increases mobility, strength and balance, reducing the risk of falls,
      • improves heart health and blood pressure,
      • increases happiness and wellbeing,
      • allows you to get to know Camden better, as well as meet new people, help the environment and is a great way to relax.

      The NHS website contains more information on the benefits of walking

  • Camden walking groups
    • Camden walking groups

      If you’re unsure about where to walk in Camden, why not join a walking group? Walking with others can help create new healthy habits and is an opportunity to meet like-minded people in your community. Discovering new places with others can be really beneficial for your mental and physical health.

      Bee-midtown guided walks

      Free guided walks starting from either Holborn or Central St Giles. There’s no need to book, just show up at the starting points (unless the walk’s description says otherwise).Download the ‘guided walks’ document for more information.

      Hampstead Ramblers Group

      Hampstead Ramblers host a large number of walks ranging in length taking place throughout London and the South East. They aim to have at least one walk each weekend and also organise a few mid-week day and evening walks and the occasional weekend break or longer holiday.

      Camden Health Walks

      Camden Health Walks are friendly, sociable weekly group walks, lasting between 30 and 90 minutes, designed for anyone, including those who are new to exercise. There are benches and toilets along each route and several include a cafe stop for refreshments. There are several different walks each week and all are led by Walk for Health qualified Walk Leaders. There’s no need to book in advance – just turn up a few minutes before the start time.

      Castlehaven Community Social walking group 

      A friendly walking club for the over 60s which meets every other Thursday. The pace of the walks is a slow amble, so you can enjoy walking in beautiful surroundings at your own pace. Public transport is used to get to walk destinations so please bring your freedom pass.

      Camden Carers

      Camden Carers organise two walks each month, one easy going and the other more challenging. These are open to any Camden carers; please contact them directly for more information.

  • Camden tours on foot
    • Camden tours on foot

      There are plenty of guided tours in the borough if you want to find out more about the borough you live in. For further information take a look at the website of the tour you are interested in. Please note, there may be a cost involved.

      Camden Tour Guides

      Camden Tour Guides run several tours a month of which some are free and others cost between £8 and £10. Some need to be booked on the day while others you can just turn up.

      London Greeters

      Free tours aimed at visitors to the area.

      Heath and Hampstead Society Guided Walks

      Guided walks normally held on the first Sunday of every month. Most start from Burgh House which is just 10 minutes’ walk from Hampstead Tube Station. Participants will be invited to make a minimum donation of £5 per adult for each walk.

      Holborn/Bloomsbury guided walks

      Local themed guided walks, most costing £10 for adults / £8 concessions.

      Underground Camden Tours

      Underground Camden Tours provide unique youth-led walking tours of Camden and King’s Cross. Take a fresh look at London through the eyes of its young people – and support them too.

      Birdwatching Walk

      Annual summer evening stroll to see what birds are about on Hampstead Heath.

  • Incorporate more walking into your day
    • Incorporate more walking into your day

      Sometimes it can be a lot easier to walk to nearby places. Why not get off a stop or two early from your commute to build up extra steps? Or make the journey to and from school by foot. There are many useful walking tools to help you build up your walking, and figure out how to get to nearby places on foot.

      Active 10

      • Monitor how often you are walking at a pace brisk enough to improve your health.
      • Set yourself walking goals, share your progress and plan how you will integrate brisk walking into your day.


      • Information on how to get around London by foot, suggested walking routes and places to see and visit.
      • They also have maps showing how many steps or minutes it takes to walk between tube stations and information on journeys that are quicker if walked.

      Walk it

      • Get a route map between any two points, including journey time, calorie burn, step count and carbon saving.
      • Search for walking directions using the journey planner or try one of the suggested walks. You can select different types of routes for your walk, such as less busy streets, and areas with lower pollution


      • Enter where you are coming from and going to and it will provide information on the different public transport / walking / cycling options, how long they take and how much they cost.
      • Citymapper will highlight where parts of your journey can be walked and will show you if this would be quicker and /or cheaper compared to taking bus, tube or taxi.

      Legible London

      • Easy-to-use signage system that presents information in a range of ways, including maps and directional information, to help people find their way.
      • Over 1,300 signs have been installed in the capital and are great for helping navigation by foot.

      Camden Walking Playlist

      • ‘If you use Spotify why not follow our walking playlist to get you in the mood.
  • Green Gym
    • Green Gym

      TCV have 2 Green Gym sessions running in Camden as well as 3 independent Community Green Gyms, so lots of opportunities to join in and feel good!

      Camden Green Gym runs Tuesdays and Thursdays

      West Hampstead Green Gym – volunteer led – runs on Fridays

      Belsize and Adelaide Green Gym Volunteer led- runs on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the month

      Oasis Green Gym Volunteer led -runs on the first Saturday of every Month.


      In Camden, The Conservation Volunteers work across a large number of sites in the borough, from tiny hidden nature areas generally unseen by the public, to major public spaces like Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park and Waterlow Park.

      Volunteering with TCV is free, simple and no experience is necessary. It’s a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and improve your physical and mental wellbeing whilst improving your local environment. With a relaxed atmosphere you can work at your own pace and there are activities to suit all levels of experience and fitness.

      Get involved with The Conservation Volunteers every Tuesday and Thursday10:45am – 2pm. The Camden Green Gym covers many sites across Camden. For more information, or to join us, please contact Maria Schlatter on 07768 710 359, Trudi Wilkinson 07768 421 881 or email